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Our Projects


A healthy life is a basic human right. It is a responsibility of the state to provide a primary health-care to all its citizens. Although the apex court of India has given guidelines.

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National Institute Of Open Schooling - NIOS

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is a programme of the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development. In 1990 SXSSS became the first accredited institute in this programme in Gujarat, with English and Hindi as a medium of instruction. NIOS – a Government of India program – encourages and supports students from poor economic conditions and other learning disadvantages to continue their education.

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SHANTI - An Initiative For Justice, Peace and Communal Harmony

Shanti Cell for Human Rights is our initiative for conflict prevention, communal harmony, justice and peace. Shanti was launched on January 30, 1999 – the 51st anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. SXSSS launched SHANTI (Peace) in Ahmedabad where Gandhi founded his famous Sabarmati Ashram, and where clashes between the Hindus and Muslims have persisted. SHANTI strives to impact people's attitudes at the grassroots level and publishes reports on its efforts and experiences.

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Center for Orientation, Research & Documentation – CORD

The SXSSS Center for Orientation, Research, and Documentation (CORD) was founded in 1989. It documents and publicizes events that impact people's lives and serves as a nodal point among NGOs and government offices, while coordinating action. It is located near the educational institutions of Ahmedabad and makes available its library, training hall, conference room, seminar hall, and discussion halls to further its purpose.

At its CORD facility, SXSSS maintains a library subscribes to 15 newspapers in English and Gujarati, 750 magazines, journals and newsletters, and a holding of more than 8000 books, 388 video cassettes, and 330 audio cassettes, along with slides, posters, and charts. It also serves as a publishing house for leaflets, booklets, magazines, books, and reports.

Publications by CORD:
  • Shanti Ane Astitva (2009) narrates peace building efforts by the organization.
  • Perspective of Children on Peace (2008) contains children's pictures depicting their perspective on peace.
  • Carnage Victims: Camp Inmates of Ahmedabad is a study of the status of the inmates of various rehabilitation camps formed after the carnage of 2002 in Gujarat.
  • Manavta ni Safare contains prayers along with religious, inspirational, and patriotic songs on our common humanity, along with awareness songs and slogans.
  • Prasuti baad ni Sambhal explains the care to be taken after delivery of a child.
  • Aahaar ane Poshaan gives information on food and nutrition.
  • Sakramak Rogo gives information on communicable diseases.
  • Raashikaran gives information on vaccination.
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