Annual Report 2017 - 18

Annual Report 2017 - 18

From the Director’s Desk…


In the initial stages the organization had foreseen the need of the welfare and provided services to the people affected in the natural and man-made calamities as well as fulfilled other fundamental needs of the marginalized.

In modern times to move along with world of change the organization gradually entered into developmental change and acted as implementing agency of different projects and program to alleviate the marginable from the poverty related to fundamental needs.

According to the signs of the time when the organization faced with the challenges of liberalization, privatization and globalization (LPG), upheaval and several changes/alternations in the realm of the social, the economical and the political and developmental sectors it has followed the Right Based Approach.

In this approach it has been busy with conscientizing people regarding the responsibility of the citizen and the state in so far as the welfare or fundamental rights and needs of the people are concerned. In the process there is also sensitization of the macro level agencies (agencies and people in power) is take place. The organization has been inviting macro level agencies/ authorities to build the capacity of the people towards the issues of concern of the state and the citizen. This approach is synergized with Welfare and Developmental approaches too once the organization had begun with in the past according to the situation, space and timeframe. (Image: The rope having three cords entwined/wound together. Whenever there is dire need of welfare or development from the part of the organization it does stand by the people and takes up the stand according to the gravity of the situations. It has been the hallmark of the organization to take stand of “building bridges” (negotiations) sited in the General Congregations of Society of Jesus. However, it does not compromise with the oppression and exploitation of the marginalized and even to take the radical stand for the greater/ sacred cause of protecting human dignity and life at large.


It’s my extreme pleasure to present to you The Annual Report of the year 2017-18.




Rev. Fr.  Rajeev Chakranarayan S.J.