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Self Development Camp for children (LES)

Self Development Camp for children (LES)

Self Development Camp For Children (7-11-2022)

A Self-Development Workshop for Students of LES was organized at SXSSS Naranpura on 7-11-2022 Monday between 10.00 am to 5.00 pm for students of std. 1 to std. 10 in which 33 boys and 53 girls were the actively participated in the camp. The main aim of the camp was learning and gaining knowledge through playful activities.


Collage work: A work of art made by gluing pieces of different materials to a flat surface. This art helps the students to develop their reasoning, creative, imaginative and problem solving skills. The students were divided into 6 groups with different names. The leaders were selected among the group to symbolize and guide.

Different topics were selected for the collage work and each group with their team members participated genuinely. With the help of maximum use of skills and experimenting different resources the collage work was completed. The leaders from each group was invited to express their view on what did they learn from this activity.

Skit performance: A small drama depicting corruption in different field was enacted by the students in six groups which really proved their acting skills, creativity, speaking and memorization. Overall it was a very successful activity.

Games: Different types of games involving mental and physical development of the students were organized and played well by the students. Cognitive ability games were conducted for the students. This is a type of test that aims at measuring a student's intellect through games. These games are structured in a way that evaluates personality and aptitude abilities. To encourage the students to improve their cognitive functioning mind games, brain training and logic brain games were organized. All the students were deeply involved and responded very well in solving puzzles, word games, riddles, cross words and scrabble.

Over all the camp was successful and mind blowing. Day was concluded with evaluation of the day. All children were given a simple lunch and snacks….