Awareness Program on POCSO Act at SXSSS

Awareness Program on POCSO Act at SXSSS

On 11th of April an awareness program was organized on POCSO Act for the parents of Loyola Evening School -LES. Around 60 parents, LES teachers and other staff of SXSSS took very active part in the workshop.

Through a well-prepared power point presentation Mr. Anil Macwan gave an understanding of the responsibility of parents under POCSO Act and shared with them some of the case studies under POCSO to make the parents aware of the increasing crimes against the children and invited them to take necessary steps to ensure the safety of their children.

Director, Fr. Isaac Rumao shared with the parents in his message the importance of child-parent relationship. The parents need to make an extra effort to understand their children. He also explained to the parents that they need to be little friendly with their children and win their confidence and trust so that children will come forward to share with them all that is happening in their life without any hesitation.

Later Mr Anil Mecwan through the video clips on   POCSO Act helped the parents to understand the need to understand this law, and how to be more prudent and practical to protect and care for their children. Adv. Manoj Shrimali (Adv. Gujarat High Court) gave legal information on POCSO and explained various penalties and provisions through examples and true stories. Parents were happy to interact and clarify their doubts. While in another animation video on what is safe touch and unsafe touch as well as how children can be easily victimized when they are not protected were depicted. It also brought in to the awareness of the parents how to implement the law by dialling 1098 helpline number and getting help by the law.

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