Fun filled day

Fun filled day

An activity which included fun, entertainment, dance, games, singing was organized and executed by “ESMERIZE CORPORATE GIFTING” (Chaitanya) to explore the talent, creativity and intelligence of the students. The premises of SXSSS was decorated with colourful papers, strings and colourful wheels and other decorative materials. It added positivity and colours to the whole environment.

The students age group of 5to 16 years were present and it  was conducted in two sessions. In the first group students from 1st to 5th std were divided into 8 groups and in the second sessions students from std 6th to 10th were divided in to 7 groups. Each group had volunteers to guide, help and support & encourage the students to do their best.

The students with their respective leaders enjoyed the colouring of the picture, twisting of the body, ring game, musical chair and so on. In between the games they were given a pocket of popcorn to refresh, relax and to be energetic. In the end the students were made to sit according to their groups and called on the stage to explore their talent of singing, dancing.

In which the students enjoyed the most, as it provided a platform to stand with a smile in their hand which made them feel proud and full of confidence. Interrogation session was also conducted to check the intelligence level of the students. Lastly to add more flavour to the fun activity group burgers & matka kulfi was distributed among the  students in group. The team of ESMERISE CORPORATE GIFTING was also honoured with vote of thanks delivered by the principal of LES Sonu ma’am. A special thanks was given to the sponsor of the day (Chaitanya) with magical words of remembrance.

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