Covid-19 relief work done by SXSS - ST. XAVIER'S SOCIAL SERVICE SOCIETY

Covid-19 relief work done by SXSS

Covid-19 relief work done by SXSS

Pandemic Covid-19 has triggered one of the world’s biggest humanitarian crises in India. It has affected every realm of our life. It has spared no one. It has brought everything to standstill. It will take few more months to get life back to normalcy. Knowing well that it’s not going to anywhere people are learning to live with new norms with Covid-19.

The LOCK DOWN 4.0 has given some respite and allowed some movement in non-containment zones of the States all the same it will take some time to bring back the economic activities back on track. It has turned millions of Indians into joblessness, uncertainty, misery, fear of disease, deprivation and in to destitution. With the weakening of the socio-economic system, a large number of people losing their livelihood are in danger of irreversible impoverishment. Government has done very little to make poor masses life safe and secure. Most of the people living in the slums of Ahmadabad are basically poor migrants, jobless and without any money to provide for their needs.

Serving Through Community Kitchens: St Xavier’s Social Service Society continues to reach out these sections of the society through community kitchen which is pushed to the wall by Pandemic Covid-19. SXSSS in collaboration with the local CBOs is running Community Kitchens in places like Barasancha ni Chawl in Saraspur -feeding 584 people twice a day and at Chhotalal ni Chawl in Gomptipur -feeding 425 people two meals a day and at Gajanand Parikh ni Chawl in Rakhiyal -feeding 125 persons twice a day. Through these community kitchens on average 1134 people are served two meals a day.

Distribution of Grocery Kits / Food Basket: During the month of May 2020 SXSSS has distributed nearly 1234 Food Baskets to the most poor and needy people -Widows, Homeless, Daily wage workers, Rag Pickers in the slums like Shahapur, Shankarbhuvan, Nagori Kabrasthan, Vadaj, Naranpura, Chandkheda, Sabarmati, Juhapura, Saraspur, Gomptipur, Odhav and Aslali area. SXSSS is working on war footing from day one to reach out to the most deprived and marginalized people.

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